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  • Name: Rei Darah Serigala
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Female
  • What monster/creature are you? werepire a werewolf, vampire hybrid
  • Physical description: [Picture below c:] [Canine] Tall, healthy built, long limbs, around the size of a great dane.
  • Section color: Red
  • Abilities: Fire, shape shifting, heals at a faster rate-takes on more weaknesses than strengths.
  • Background/Bio: Born to a family of three- an older brother and a twin sister. When she was young, still learning, she burnt her right eye badly. Many years later she and her twin sister were attacked. Her sister was taken out and Rei would have had the same fate if not for her elder brother showing up on time. Three years later she had a son and a year after that adopted a daughter.
  • Personality: Strong willed, specks her mind, out going, prideful, annoy-some, frivolous, follows her own rules and often doesn’t listen to others.
  • Picture (optional): 

[I hope this is alright! c: ]


Mod: It’s fine! Just remember to hit the ask box up again, once you got her account set up! OuO

Application for Isreal LeBlanc

  • Name: Isreal LeBlanc
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Male
  • What monster/creature are you? Pegasus
  • Physical description: Isreal is short, around 5’9 and Albino.  He has faun-like legs that end in horse hooves.  His eyes are rather large and pink, and his veins can be seen where his skin is thin.  Instead of normal ears he sports horse ears.  Currently his hair on his legs, tail, and head are shaved short due to them being so dirty and matted when he was found that it was easier to just shave them.  His wings are small from his owners breaking and binding them since he was born to keep them from growing.  He currently dresses in found and donated clothing that’s mostly too big for him.
  • Section color: Yellow
  • Abilities: Would have the ability of flight if his wings hadn’t been bound.  Able to run quickly given the build of his legs.
  • Background/Bio: Isreal was born and raised the last 18 years as a pet for a rich human.  He was separated from his parents at an auction and kept in a small cage in a showroom.  His owner would break and bind his wings to keep them small so he couldn’t fly away.  After awhile his owner lost interest in him and left him to be cared for by others.  They barely remembered to feed him and water him let alone brush and bathe him.  When he was seized from the property he was taken to a hospital and treated there.  He’s currently learning to live in the outside world on his own.  Since Isreal is mute he has learned to communicate by typing on a cell phone and whistling.
  • Personality: Shy, a kleptomaniac (survival instinct), Happy
  • Picture (optional):
  • (Sorry for the derpy picture it was a speedy doodle ;A; )

crazyrobin42-deactivated2012050 asked:

Certainly interested, but curious. Is the City a new thing, or has it been around for a long period? Also, human/Monster relations? Do we just make it up or have humans ALWAYS known there were things going bump in the night?

The City of Monstrum has been around for a few years, so monster/creatures could be raised within the city itself. But it’s not that well known to those outside the walls, especially humans (since the city was built to mainly keep them away).

As for human/monster relations, you’ll have humans who are believers of said monsters/creatures, and then you’ll have those that think they’re nothing but fairytales. Kinda like in real life—you have people that believe, and those who don’t.

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